[Dollvie 2018] 娃娃攝影比賽・Doll Photo Contest

活動結束後大會將於Facebook專頁及微博上公佈得獎結果, 大會將以電郵方式通知得獎者到FaithZ門店領取獎品。歡迎海外人士參加!※請注意郵費需要自理。

參賽作品一覽:Facebook Album

• 作品須以娃娃作為拍攝對象, 無限制娃娃種類,内容題材不限。
• 相片尺寸要求: 不大於A4尺寸(21cm*29.7cm), JPG或PNG格式, 300 dpi, 檔案大小請勿超過8MB。


參加者請把參賽相片電郵至info@dollvie.com, 標題列明「Dollvie 2018 娃娃攝影比賽」

1. 娃主名字(可填暱稱)
2. 娃娃型號及名字
3. 簡單介紹照片的意境

1. 每人只可提交一張參賽照片。
2. 請勿拍攝過份暴力血腥或裸露色情的相片。
3. 由於版權關係,請拍攝自己擁有的娃娃。
4. 可使用Photoshop等修圖軟件略為調較光暗及色調,但請勿過份修飾相片。
5. 參賽者的作品必須為原創作品,不得重製或抄襲別人作品,參賽者須自行負責一切侵權的法律責任。

BJD娃娃乙體 - SADOL Love60 Haerang (普肌裸娃連化妝)

Contest entries will be published in the event booklet and also exhibited on display boards on the day of the event.
Visitors may cast their vote for their favourite photo by filling in the voting form included in the admission ticket and inserting it into the assigned ballot box. (Deadline to vote: 5:00pm)
Contest winner will be announced on Dollvie Facebook Page and Weibo after the event and notified by email to collect the prize at FaithZ showroom.
Overseas participants are very welcome to join!
※Please kindly note that the winner will be responsible for the shipping cost.

Contest Entries:Facebook Album

Entry Requirement :
• All works should feature resin or vinyl doll(s) as a subject.
• There is no limitation on the type of dolls and theme of the photo.
• Size requirement: no bigger than A4 size (21cm x 29.7cm) 300dpi
File format: JPG or PNG, File size should not exceed 8MB.

Submission deadline: 26th June, 2018

How to join:
Entries should be emailed to info@dollvie.com
(Please state "Dollvie 2018 Doll Photo Contest" in the email title.)

Please also include the following information:
1. Doll owner's name (Nicknames are accepted.)
2. Doll's name/sculpt (mandatory)
3. Brief description/theme of the photo (optional)

Rules & Regulations:
1. Each participant may submit a maximum of one entry.
2. Any overly sexually explicit and violent content are prohibited.
3. You are advised to photograph dolls that belong to you for copyright reasons.
4. Only minor brightness, contrast, colour corrections and/or cropping using photo-enhancing techniques using softwares such as Photoshop are allowed.
5. Photographs must be completely original. Adaptation and replication of other people's works are not allowed. The participant is held legally responsible for any copyright infringements.

Contest Prize:
SADOL Love60 Haerang (Normal Skin with Face-up)


[Dollvie 2018] 攤位設計比賽・Booth Design Competition

為鼓勵攤主用心設計及佈置自己的攤位, 每年特設有攤位設計比賽給予玩家攤組織參加, 並會由入場人仕投票選出最具特色及最能吸引到大家注目的攤位設計!

參加方法 :

投票方法 :

獎品 :
BJD娃娃乙體 - SADOL Star70 Han-Wool (普肌裸娃連化妝)

The reason behind this competition is to reward and encourage Dollvie participants, who devote great efforts to design the set-up of their booths.
The winning booth with the most interesting and eye-catching display will be determined by the number of votes cast by visitors.

How to join :
All dealer booths automatically enter the contest.

How to vote :
A voting form is included in the admission ticket.
Visitors may cast their vote for their favourite booth by filling in the form and inserting it into the assigned ballot box.
Deadline to vote: 5:00pm

Contest Prize :
SADOL Star70 Han-Wool (Normal Skin with Face-up)